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Graduate School of Business and Advance Technology Management envisions itself to be one of the leading institutions and a competent provider of education and research endeavors in the region, in business management.


  • To produce graduates ​who know deeply management and administration, ​have​ a sense of responsibility, are far sighted, and able to think critically and creatively in challenging environments.

  • To create and spread new knowledge of management and administration, to do so in this era of globalization, and with a focus on Asia in particular.

  • To produce competent graduates who are able to make use of appropriate and rapidly changing technology.

  • To be a gateway for international strategic alliances and for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in business development.

  • To provide links and collaborations between industries and the University.

  • To strive towards academic excellence.


Graduate School of Business and Advance Technology Management, Assumption University was established in 1985, at the initiative of Rev.Brother Prathip Martin Komolmas, the then President of the university who followed the recommendations of a detailed feasibility study carried out by De La Salle University, Manila.

The GS-BATM started with a modest MBA evening program with 33 students in 1985. In 1992, The GS-BATM launched an MBA day program. In 1997 the GS-BATM started the Master of Management in Organizational Development and Management (MMOD) program focused on the organization and change management. The Master of Business Administration in Tourism Management (MBA.TRM) was integrated into GS-BATM in 2000. At present, GS-BATM manages five master programs and two Doctoral programs which are: MBA program, MM(Organization Development) program, MBA. (Tourism Management) program, MSc (Investment Analysis) program and MBA (Technology Management) Program.The doctoral programs are Ph.D. (Organizational Development and the Ph.D. (Hospitality and Tourism Management). There are more than 1,000 students currently registered in these programs as of May 2015. As for the 30 years of growth, there are more than 12,000 students enrolled in GS-BATM and more than 9,000 graduates are in business and management roles in the Thai society and elsewhere in the world.



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