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Welcome to the Graduate School of Business, Assumption University and specifically to the Tourism and Hospitality Master’s and Doctoral Programs which were the first in their category in Thailand. These creative and innovative Tourism and Hospitality Management programs prepare young generation for management and administrative responsibilities in the tourism and hospitality industry in Thailand and Overseas.




Master of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management

PhD in HTM

Doctor of Hospitality

and Tourism Management

MBA-Tourism degree is designed for those aiming for a management position and also entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. Our program continues to attract students from all parts of Thailand and abroad. Also the changing economic structure of Thailand, globalization, technological development and information-driven world growth has given our students wider career opportunities and made our program even more attractive. The school truly imparts students with an invaluable learning experience involving alternate teaching pedagogies to provide better understanding of subject topics.  After graduation there are numerous employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry which include: broad-profile hospitality and tourism industry business manager; travel consultant and tour operator; tour guide;destination planners;leisure, events and entertainment company manager and others in resorts, hotels, restaurants, and airlines. So if any of these aspects match your desire for personal growth or change, please visit us, so that we may help turn your dreams into reality.

The course is a unique transforming, developmental educational experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment through advanced research activities.This program prepares students for a career in tourism and hospitality research and teaching at institutions both locally and abroad.The PHDHTM is also suitable for senior managers/ industry leaders wishing to upgrade their academic qualifications or for those wishing to change the direction of their life into hospitality or tourism.Millennial generation see our program as a medium to boost their managerial and academic status. They appreciate the fast-track teaching of our seven theory modules which can be completed in just 44 weeks. After which they work closely with a dedicated doctoral supervisor, who is both international and a recognized researcher and publisher in their research area. These highly respected supervisors are each responsible for students, guaranteeing prompt and personal attention vital to supervisor student relationship and assisting students to finish their doctoral studies in 3-5 years as student’s require.

Sidney Jhingran 

From Canada
(Tourism Management)

“As international tourist arrivals are forecast to reach around 32 million by the end of the year, Thailand needs to continuously prepare itself for the consequences of increased visitor flow. Many natural environments (especially on the coasts and islands) are already beyond carrying capacity and other harmful effects of mass tourism are evident everywhere. We need to begin more seriously leveraging the economic benefits that tourism brings and channel them into grassroots, community-driven development. It is also imperative that tourists are educated to develop a more critical mind towards the detrimental consequences that their choices may have on the destinations they visit (just look at the news of the Tiger Temple – strong awareness campaigns could have ended this tragedy years ago).”

Hinako Shirai 

From Japan
(Tourism Management)

“In my opinion, Thailand, and especially Bangkok, was urbanized very rapidly. Various sectors have been developed, and particularly leisure tourism is emphasized to enhance the increasing number of international arrivals. Tourists want to visit Thailand and experience the beautiful contrast between urban and rural environments. However, through my eyes, urbanization in Bangkok denies job opportunities in the countryside. Perhaps, traditional cultures will be further influenced by urbanization and turned into just tourist attractions. The Thai government needs to manage and operate suitable strategies to ensure a profitable relationship between locals and tourists so as to increase quality of tourism and “authentic Thainess”.”

Andre Manual Greiner

From Switzerland
(Tourism Management)

“At the moment Thailand’s tourism sector is dominated by tourists from China and Russia. Major destinations being Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the North, Bangkok and Pattaya in the center and southern beach destinations lead by Koh Samui and Phuket. Trends are in ecofriendly tourism, Thai cooking classes and homestays. Examples of such are bicycle tours through Bangkok which are getting increasingly popular or cooking classes where tourists are given the chance to shop at local markets and cook with fresh ingredients. I wish for the future that Thailand establishes itself as an ecofriendly destination, several efforts have been already undertaken, however a holistic plan of actions is lacking. Moreover, the country should further work on guaranteeing safety and security for visitors, especially against fraud and scam. Lastly, the Tourism Authority of Thailand should target a wider variety of countries with tailored marketing campaigns in order to prevent certain Thai destinations from saturation by certain nationalities (for example Koh Samui becoming a Russian stronghold).

Meeporn Oeawpanich

From Thailand
(Tourism Management)

“Tourism is the main sector that could generate the biggest national income and GDP in Thailand, so it means that tourism is very important to Thailand. Thailand has many attractive tourist destinations where the people around the world travel to visit here. Thailand is rich with the natural tourist destination such as sea, sand, sun, mountains and historical sites featuring local cultures, the unique authenticity of Thainess, greenery, tropical rainforests and service minded people; all of these components make Thailand different from other countries and Thailand has been growing the higher number of repeated guests every year. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, including Tourism Authority of Thailand, are playing an important role to promote tourism in Thailand. When foreign tourists get to know new destinations more then it leads the tourism in Thailand to expand to new places, it helps to distribute the income into the different local communities in other provinces of Thailand. Regarding the future potential of tourism in Thailand, I think that now the tourists change the trends of travelling, the tourists prefer to travel and get close with the pure nature and real local lifestyles; that's why sustainable tourism becomes famous in the last couple years. Homestays have become a preferable choice for the new trends of tourism in Thailand and neighboring countries."

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